About us

About us

Since 2009, KAP precision components has been part of KAP AG with 5 strategic segments in total:


  • Surface technology
  • Engineered products
  • Flexible films
  • IT/Services
  • Precision components

KAP Precision Components GmbH is one of the high-tech producers of precision components made of metal and plastic, and metal-plastic composite parts with hybrid technology.
Our strong market position is not only based on our motivated employees, but also our high, certified quality standards and our modern, fully-automatic, flexible production facilities.

We set standards for high-precision components, which are used in different application areas.
Our products and solutions are often critical factors within the end products and make significant contributions to improving the cost-benefit ratio. They also frequently help to reduce weight. We deliver our products worldwide to our customers’ production sites.

KAP precision components, based in Fulda, is the roof over four other subsidiaries belonging to the segment in 

  • Ehingen (Germany)
  • Dresden (Germany)
  • Oroszlány (Hungary)
  • Logoysk (Belarus)


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