Range of products and services


  • Long-standing experience in the multi-step machining of complex and safety-related components made of metal. 
  • High automation for economical production of medium and large series for the worldwide automotive industry and other industrial applications. 
  • Reliable engineering and quality structures with extensive expertise for the realisation of sophisticated customer projects.

  • More than 50 years of experience in plastic processing and extrusion coating complex components. Assemblies and safety-related applications qualify us for a strategic partnership. 
  • Production of technically very sophisticated components and assemblies with high surface quality standards. Our technologies not only include multi-component injection moulding but also extrusion coating and overspraying of inserts. 
  • Our modern mouldmaking is designed for multi-cavity moulds and special technologies for fully-automated processes. 
Injection moulding
Multi-component injection moulding
Plastic extrusion coating

Composite metal-plastic parts

  • Targeted use and combination of specific properties of metal and plastic enable the production of components with attractive customer benefits (price/performance). 
  • By using fully-automated production facilities, we are able to produce sophisticated platform parts economically and in large quantities for the global market. 
  • Electric drives are part of our core expertise: we have many years of experience of motor shafts, motor housings, gears and spindle drives.